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Contact Sheet for Quest

Contact Sheet for Quest

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This is a sensor device that can add hand tracking functionality to Meta Quest2/3/Pro controllers. It is possible to achieve hand tracking equivalent to or better than the Valve Index controller.

*To avoid misunderstandings regarding product specifications, please read the entire explanation below before purchasing.

*This product is a pre-order item. Please refer to the explanation below for shipping time.


  1. Knuckle strap for Quest2 or 3 or Pro controller (for both hands)
  2. ContactSheet (for both hands)
  3. Communication dongle (1 piece)
  4. Type-C USB cable (2 pieces)
  5. Silicone band for fixation
  6. replacement tape
  7. Simple instructions
  8. Warranty

*You can choose between attaching with a silicone band or attaching with double-sided tape.

*Operation with anything other than the included strap is not guaranteed.

*Sheet itself is compatible with Quest2, 3, and Pro. The only difference is the contents of the strap.

how to use

  1. Attach the knuckle strap to the controller.
  2. Attach ContactSheet to the controller.
  3. Install DivingStation on your PC.
  4. When using with QuestLink/AirLink, setup is completed by following the steps up to this point.
  5. Separate avatar setup is required when using in standalone mode, VirtualDesktop, or SteamLink.

Please check the documentation for details.

battery capacity 900mAh
Continuous operation time Approximately 10 hours (built-in battery)
charging time Approximately 2 hours (when power is OFF)
Charging method USB Type-C terminal
hand tracking

bend each finger

*When using OSC parameters, it is possible to obtain the independent movement of each joint.

*Independent movement of the first joint (the joint closest to the fingertip) cannot be obtained. (Pose with nails raised, etc.)

*Independent movements of the 2nd and 3rd joints can be acquired.

*In the case of index emulation mode, independent movements of joints cannot be obtained.

Wireless communication
Unique communication using 2.4GHz band (dedicated dongle)
Onboard sensor

Multipolar capacitive sensor, pressure sensor

*Due to the principle of the sensor, the frequency of calibration may increase if the amount of sweat in the palm of the hand is large. Please understand in advance.

Compatible streaming software

VirtualDesktop*1, SteamLink*2, AirLink*1, QuestLink*1


No avatar setup required (index controller emulation)


Avatar setup required (OSC compatible)

Compatible applications

When using VirtualDesktop/AirLink/QuestLink

VRChat, Resonite, Cluster, VirtualMotionCapture, and other SteamVR applications (using Index controller emulation or OSC)

*Operation is not guaranteed with all software.

When using SteamLink

VRChat only (OSC required)

standalone mode

Although connection between the PC and HMD is not required, DivingStation must be started on a PC connected to the same network as the HMD. (OSC required)

*When using in standalone mode, the PC does not need to be a high-end model for gaming. If it has general processing performance and can run DivingStation, there is no problem.

OSC parameters

Full version 177bit

Lite version 107bit

*Avatar setup is automated.

*The number of consumption parameters is a guideline. This may change in future development.

Please check this out for details.

About shipping time

Scheduled to ship in late June 2024

*If there is a change in the shipping time, we will notify you promptly.

*If you purchase this product and another product at the same time, shipping will be according to the later delivery date.

*If you would like to change the shipping address after placing your order, please contact us using the inquiry form .

About warranty

The warranty is valid for one year after the product is shipped.

We will repair or replace any defects caused by our design or manufacturing, or any other defects that are thought to have occurred due to our negligence, free of charge. As specified in the warranty terms, we may charge repair costs for defects or damage that are considered to be caused by user negligence.

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