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Hardware Upgrade Kit (reinforcing plate & sponge): Replaced with Diver-X (first reception)

Hardware Upgrade Kit (reinforcing plate & sponge): Replaced with Diver-X (first reception)

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We are currently in the first reception period. (10/31-11/7)

In order to avoid disruption to our support team, we will provide information in separate periods.

Registration will close as soon as the capacity is reached. We will resume accepting applications after the next reception period.

Second reception period: 11/8-11/15

Third reception period: 11/16-11/23

Fourth and subsequent stages: Announced from time to time

If you would like to replace it yourself, please check the products below. by yourself

Replace the patch plate installed in ContactGlove rev.1 with a thinner one using Diver-X.


    1. Please purchase this product.
    2. Please ship your gloves to Diver-X for the period 2023/10/30-11/10. (*Cash on delivery is not possible, but delivery is possible on Saturdays and Sundays. Shipping notification is not required.)
    3. We will make the exchange and deliver it to you by November 17th. (*Shipping notification will be made through the store.)


    • Please note that if your package does not arrive at Diver-X by November 10th, we cannot guarantee delivery by November 17th.
    • Please ship the gloves in the provided case. At this time, please also include the dongle.
    • Please do not purchase this product and other products at the same time. Please note that if you purchase both at the same time, your order will be automatically cancelled.

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    3F, Ichibancho 2 Building, 4-42 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    Diver-X Co., Ltd. Support

    Please enter the phone number as "00-0000-0000".

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