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This is an upgrade module that can greatly improve the operability of ContactGlove. This is an exoskeleton controller module that connects to the expansion terminal on the main unit and is fixed to the glove using magnets. High operability can be achieved while maintaining the immersive feeling unique to gloves. In addition, the hinge can be rotated in 3 stages, freeing your hands. (The image is of a prototype. The mass-produced version will be black.)


  • Magnetra (for both hands)
  • TRRS cable for connection (for both hands: length 150mm)
  • Fixing screws: 12 total (6 for right hand (3 sizes), 6 for left hand (3 sizes))
  • Spacers: 4 total (2 for right hand, 2 for left hand)


About size

Magnetra is designed to be used by people of various hand sizes by adjusting the length of the hinge using the included spacer and changing the position of the internal magnet. Can be attached to existing S/M/L sizes and all ContactGloves.



compatibility ContactGlove rev.1 / rev.2 Firmware ver1.5 or higher (coming soon)
power supply Power supply using TRRS cable from ContactGlove main unit
communication Wired communication with the ContactGlove unit using a TRRS cable.Uses the extension terminal on the front.
controller input Magnetra:A/B/System/Joystick
ContactGlove body: Trigger/Grip/TouchPad(emulation)
Compatible applications All SteamVR content such as VRChat, Resonite, etc.
Compatible tracker TundraTracker, all VIVE Trackers




  • Magnetra components contain powerful magnets. We take great care in assembling the product, but please be careful if you have small children who may be at risk of swallowing it accidentally.
  • A Phillips screwdriver is required for installation.


About warranty

The warranty is valid for one year after the product is shipped.

We will repair or replace any defects caused by our design or manufacturing, or any other defects that are thought to have occurred due to our negligence, free of charge. As specified in the warranty terms, we may charge repair costs for defects or damage that are considered to be caused by user negligence.

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