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ContactGlove rev.2(アウトレット品)

ContactGlove rev.2(アウトレット品)

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This is the successor model of ContactGlove rev.1.


Gloves that have been soiled during manufacturing are offered at a discounted price.
Please note that we do not accept any repair or exchange of outlet products due to appearance defects. (Repair or replacement due to malfunction is acceptable.)

Please check the third image of the product description for an example of stains.


If you are considering using it for Vtuber activities, studios, research purposes, companies or schools, please check here .



  • ContactGlove (both hands)
  • USB dongle for communication
  • Universal mounting adapter (for vive tracker + for tundra tracker)
  • Carrying case
  • Charging USB cable x2
  • Diving Station (Download)
  • Injection prevention parts

About size

Please refer to this sheet for selection. Please note that returns cannot be made due to size differences. (You can change the size later by purchasing a replacement glove of a different size separately.)

Size sheet (PDF)


battery capacity 1,800mAh
Continuous operation time Approximately 12 hours (built-in battery)
charging time Approximately 3 hours (when power is OFF)
Charging method USB Type-C terminal
hand tracking Independent bending acquisition of each finger/joint
haptic feedback
Haptic reactor installed in the main body
Wireless communication Unique communication using 2.4GHz band
controller input

Trigger, grip, touchpad (emulation)

In order to use A, B, System, and Joystick, you will need to purchase a button/joystick module or Magnetra (sold separately).

Compatible VR headsets Various headsets compatible with SteamVR *Operation is not guaranteed with all headsets.
Compatible applications
VRChat, Neos VR, and other SteamVR applications (in order to use hand tracking, the content must support Skeletal Input. As of April 2023, VRChat does not support Skeletal Input, but our Hand tracking can be enabled using proprietary software developed by
*Operation is not guaranteed with all SteamVR applications.
tracking Separate installation of various trackers compatible with the LightHouse tracking system is required.

Click here for detailed product specifications.

When using for motion capture purposes

If you only want to use the hand tracking function, there is usually no need to purchase a button module, etc.

When using in conjunction with mocopi
Please take a look at the campaign page below and refer to our document .

When using controller input (buttons/joysticks)
You can use either of the options below, please purchase the module separately.

① Button/joystick module
Button module , Joystick module
② Magnetra (new interface module)

If you are using the LightHouse tracking system
You must use the following two devices that are compatible with the LightHouse tracking system to obtain the location of your ContactGlove.
If you do not have the following devices, please purchase them separately.

・SteamVR Base Station 2.0 (1.0)
・Compatible trackers x2 (Tundra Tracker, VIVE Tracker (3.0), VIVE Tracker 2018, etc.)

*An adapter for compatible trackers is included with ContactGlove rev.2.
*The above two devices are third-party products.Please refer to the product pages for various devices and compatible HMDs before use.

* When using an HMD that is not compatible with LightHouse (Quest 2, etc.) under the above environment
It is necessary to introduce OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator (external link) to SteamVR and match the space of the LightHouse tracking system to the space on the HMD side.

When using in a non-LightHouse environment using Quest2
Get ContactGlove position with Quest2 controller instead of compatible tracker.
Please purchase the adapter separately.

About warranty

The warranty is valid for one year after the product is shipped.

We will repair or replace any defects caused by our design or manufacturing, or any other defects that are thought to have occurred due to our negligence, free of charge. As specified in the warranty terms, we may charge repair costs for defects or damage that are considered to be caused by user negligence.

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